HIE-ISOLDE is nearing its completion and engineers and physicist alike are getting very exited. (Video: CERN)
HIE-ISOLDE test in cleaning room SM18
HIE-ISOLDE test in cleaning room SM18 (Image: CERN)

The HIE-ISOLDE project aims at several important upgrades of the present ISOLDE radioactive beam facility at CERN. The main focus lies in increasing the energy of the radionuclide beams from 3 MeV/u up to 10 MeV/u through the construction of a superconducting post-accelerator. The upgrade substantially enhances research opportunities in most aspects of nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics.

CATHI is a mono-site Initial Training Network (ITN) in FP7 that took place between 2010 and 2014 at CERN.